Do you want to understand the many changes that we see in the world of media? Do you want to know how they will impact you specifically? Do you need advice for how to move forward and what to focus on?

Simple pricing

Prices start at $995 for a quick review (max 4-hour analysis), and go up from there. For anything above that, my hourly rate is $195/hour. The projects completed so far have been a mix, from quick strategy reviews to several-month-long projects priced between $30,000-$40,000.

But regardless of the size of the project, the cost is always calculated by the time that is dedicated to it.

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Why hire Baekdal Media?

There are generally four reasons why media companies hire me to do a strategy review.

Strategic analysis

The most important reason is the need for media companies to have me check their strategies, and have them compared to the trends, the shifting patterns and the changing behaviors that we see today. This forms the basis of all strategy reviews.

Learning about the trends

The second most important reason is the need to learn about all the new trends in a way that specifically applies to each individual media company, newspaper, magazine, publisher or brand.

There are many articles about the future of media online, but it's often hard to translate into real impact and importance for each individual publication. What I do with a strategic review is that I look at this for your business specially.

An outside perspective

The third important reason is to get an outside perspective. Many publishers are too close to their own internal workflows and habits to see the changes that are coming from the outside. By getting an outside perspective, you learn things and notice changes that you might not have seen before.


Finally, the fourth most important reason is to have something that you can use to motivate and energize your internal organization. Since every strategy review is delivered as a report designed with narrative voice, they are perfect for distributing internally in order to get everyone on board, and to have something to focus the discussions around.

Obviously, every strategy review is different, because every publisher is different. There is no single model that just works for everyone. And, in fact, one of the key trends that we see today is that we have so many different models, due to how the digital world has changed from being format-based to behavior-based.

So, before each review is started, we agree on what the main focus and objectives should be. Mind you, as a strategy review, the underlying focus is always on the future.

What is Baekdal Media?

Baekdal Media's overall purpose is to help media companies change their future through analysis and guidance. I do this in two ways:

Half of Baekdal Media is focused on strategic consulting, as explained on this site. Here I help mostly large media companies with reviewing, refining and developing their strategies. My clients include media companies like Condé Nast, Haymarket, Schibsted, Bonnier, Google, Chicago Tribune, NRC and others.

I also occasionally advise startups and brands with their strategies.

The other half of Baekdal Media is focused on my subscription-based magazine (Baekdal Plus) about future media trends and strategies. Here mostly media executives are paying $99/year to read the 25 in-depth articles/reports that I create each year. Each report is 30-40 pages long, and you can see an example of the latest articles below.

Who is Thomas Baekdal?

I am not your usual media analyst, as I had a digital native entry into the world of media. Throughout the past 20 years I have worked on all sides of the table. On the agency side, the brand side and the publishing side.

In the late 1990s, I travelled around Europe teaching fashion designers how to transform their pen and paper workflow into digital. I have been a Digital Media Manager for one of the largest fashion companies in Scandinavia, where I was responsible for forming the digital strategy for all our brands.

I once ran a digital magazine.

But my real fame is through, which I launched in 2004 focusing on helping publishers and brands navigate this amazing digital disruption that we all face.

In 2010, I took this a step further and launched Baekdal Plus, a subscription-based site for media executives, focusing on future strategies and media trends, as well as stepping up my consulting focus.

And this varied background is what defines me today.

My skill as a media analyst isn't just the analysis that I do. It's that I don't have any of the habits of old media companies. This makes it easier for me to see things from another perspective.

As the Swedish business magazine (Resume) wrote when they recently hired me to write a monthly column for their premium newsletter:

"Thomas Baekdal is a Danish media analyst and one of Scandinavia's most sought-after experts in the digitization of media companies. He has made himself known for his analysis of how digitization has changed the way we consume media."

I'm not really Danish, though. I'm global. 97% of my clients are from other countries than my own.

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I'm global, but if you need to send me physical materials:

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The most efficient way to contact me:
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Notice: My time zone is GMT+1.

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Please note, I work entirely digitally. I don't offer my time in the form of meetings, conferences or workshops. I long ago stopped spending my time in airports and hotel rooms. I do not offer my time in the form of virtual meetings either.

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